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Transmission flush palmwoods

Automatic Transmission Flushing in Palmwoods

An Automatic Transmission Service and Full Transmission Flush from Sunshine Steering Changes Everything.

A standard vehicle generally needs to have a transmission service every 40,000kms under normal driving conditions.

If you regularly drive your vehicle under load, such as towing heavy loads like boats, caravans or large trailers, the transmission is under more strain and may need to be serviced at more frequent intervals.

Sunshine Steering provide automatic transmission servicing and also offer a full flush service that removes 99% of the oil in the transmission system, replacing it with fresh, clean oil to ensure smooth operation and increase the life expectancy of your Automatic Transmission.

A standard transmission system holds approx. 9 litres of oil. A simple oil drain only removes about 3 litres meaning only roughly a third of the oil is actually being changed. As oil is a liquid it goes without saying that you can't choose which third is being changed and replace only old oil next time.

Sunshine Steering have the skills and specialist equipment to completely remove all of the old oil and completely flush the automatic transmission system, including the automatic cooler and the automatic transmission itself. We then refill your newly cleaned Transmission with fresh, high quality transmission oil to maximise the life span of your transmission and keep it operating as smooth as silk.

We can also perform a Power Steering Flush - very important for the health of your power steering components.

To have your Automatic Transmission serviced and fully flushed simply book a service now or call us for an estimate today.