ADR Vehicle Modifications Palmwoods


ADR Vehicle Modifications in Palmwwoods

Our highly skilled technicians are fully certified and qualified to make modifications and alterations to vehicles in full compliance with the ADR (Australian Design Rules). We can also check existing modifications for compliance and certify them if correctly completed. If you are looking to have modifications to your vehicle or installations of after market components not fitted during manufacture or want modifcations already applied to your vehicle checked or certified Sunshine Steering can do it all

Whether you are wanting a larger than normal engine in your car, want to add extra features such as roll bars, have a vehicle with special requirements such as vintage or racing vehicles or are considering adding a turbo for an extra boost, contact Sunshine Steering for advice. We regularly undertakes such modifications as;

Installation of Child Restraint Anchor Points
Adding or replacing seatbelts
Changing seating capacity
Installing Rollbars and other safety features
Fitting of extra or long range Fuel Tanks
Upgrading or adding Turbos
Upgrading to a bigger or more efficient engine

Upon completion of the required modifications Sunshine Steering will see to al the paperwork and notify the Department of Transport, informing them the alterations were completed by a qualified mechanic and meet or exceed the ADR requirements for safety.

If you have previously had modifications to a vehicle but are unsure if they meet ADR standards, bring your car into Sunshine Steering. We will check the work has been carried out correctly and in compliance with the Australian Design Rules (ADR’s) and advise you as to the quality of the work. We will thoroughly inspect all the safety aspects of any alterations, making sure that welding and engineering practices are fully compliant with the ADR requirements. Provided the modifications pass the inspection we will sign it off and send the paperwork to the Department of Transport.

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